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Don’t settle for After school STORAGE, enroll your child today! “MARTIAL ARTS UNIVERSITY®” is the only approved program of its type in Cape Coral. We are a certified ” Safe Place”! Our student to instructor ratio is a personalized approximately 12:1. GUARANTEED to improve GRADES, FITNESS, DISCIPLINE, MANNERS and CONFIDENCE. Along with the Martial Arts we teach “Stranger Danger, hygiene and ethics. We also monitor their school day and bus ride home. You receive a daily report card. Keep your evenings to yourself. All this for as low as $14 a day (with prepaid program).

“As a parent and educator, I realize the importance of structure. The “Martial Arts University® After School Program” is the best of two worlds.We offer a LIMITED SPACE, quality after school alternative at our Cape Coral Headquarters. Our program is FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE, including a martial arts class and structured activities. As you may know, Martial Arts University has been producing happy, respectful, and disciplined children since 1986.

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GOD Bless” – Soke’ Jeff Santella & Family

   The defense skills taught are easy “REAL LIFE” techniques.Martial Arts University® classes blend 12 styles of martial arts along with fitness, and manners training.Your child will need these skills sooner or later. Let’s make it sooner.Register your child today for the upcoming school year.We are now accepting registrations for 2019/2020 for children 5 years of age and up. The fee is as low as $14.00 per day full-time, and $20/day for part-time. We take care of your child’s Lee County bus assignment when we enroll them in our program. Or your children can be dropped off by you at our headquarters. This program begins right after school and lasts until 6:00pm. There are many benefits to our unique program, please call us at (239) 772-KICK to discuss any further questions.


**Summer Camp 2020 Schedule!**

Pre-registration Now Open

Do your children address you as “Yes Ma’am!” or “Yes Sir!”?
Do they offer a firm hand shake? Are they in top physical shape? We have the answer!
For children 5-13 years old. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the fun physical and mental activities for a week or the entire summer break!
Students will learn GUN SAFETY, STRANGER DANGER, 911, as well as a proven and complete Martial Arts System. Bounce house and educational field trips.

Camp Hours
7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
After Care Available
3:30 PM – 6:00 PM
1:12 teacher/student ratio. Starting at $139 week!


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