A Word To Our Parents


Soke’ Jeff Santella & Family

Welcome to MAU! For the past 38 years, we have had the pleasure of enriching the lives of SW Florida families. Our 25 instructors are passionate about teaching and prides themselves on providing the best service possible in the most professional manner. MAU was voted the most diverse training center in the country!! 15 Styles!! This helps the children stay excited about our multiple programs. We are only local school to have a full size MMA cage as well as a Boxing Ring! MAU is also is the only Jr. Olympic Archery training center in the area. We are proud of our student count being over 20,000 to date. From age 4 to 104 the benefits will last a lifetime! Fitness, focus, Control, Respect, Honor etc. School grades will GO UP! We have many students who are 2nd and 3rd generation.

The most comprehensive and complete martial arts system, incorporating the attributes of the world’s most recognized combat concepts; Dedicating to teaching awareness, mind/body fitness and the development of defensive strategies and techniques that best suit the individual.

MAU’s founding “Grand Master” is Jeff Santella, His 35 years Law Enforcement career coupled with his 40+ years studying Martial Arts insures that MAU is a “FRIENDLY, SAFE, DISCIPLINED, and FUN” school. Our staff has thorough background checks and display positive attitudes. Our student to instructor ratio is 12:1 to creating a targeting learning environment. We are the only local school that separates ages in 5 categories. MAU does not have contracts to sign! nor are there any exorbitant “Testing fees”. A Black belt earned at MAU is just that; EARNED!! It may take years; it’s up to the student. There are no guarantees in life, BUT enrolling your child at MAU will insure success in their lives. We need to work together to keep them on the right track. Below is a copy of our weekly report card that parents are responsible for filling out. MAU cares about behavior and habits outside the University.


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There are many benefits to our unique program, please call us at

(239) 772-KICK (5425) to discuss any further questions.

“I never met a person who trained in Martial Arts as a child, and was glad their parents let them quit”

We look forward to meeting you,

MAU Staff


SGT. SAFETY “WILL” keep your children safe! Jeff Santella has created a proven and dynamic seminar that will stick for years to come. With 38 years teaching over 25,000 students he has mastered this specific curriculum.

Stranger Danger & Gun Safety is a REAL concern. Although there are no GUARANTEES in life, This few hour experience will insure the well being of children ages 4-14. Call 239-772-KICK to reserve your spot in an upcoming class. MAU also brings this show on the road and will visit your youth group.

At $35 per participant, it’s a “NO BRAINER”. It’s better to be SAFE then SORRY!

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