What Is Martial Arts University

Martial Arts University simply offers the most comprehensive and complete martial arts systems – incorporating the attributes of the world’s most recognized combat concepts, and dedicated to teaching Awareness, Mind-Body Fitness, and the development of defensive strategies and techniques that best suit an individual.

Our facility is the Largest in SW Florida with everything necessary to meet your goals in Martial Arts.

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What Is Muay Thai ?

What is Muay Thai ?

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What Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ?

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ?

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What Is Karate-Do ?

What is Karate-do ?

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What Is Judo ?

What is Judo ?

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What Is MMA ? (Mixed Martial Arts)

What is MMA ? (mixed martial arts)

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What Is Kali/Eskrima/Arnis ?

What is Kali/Eskrima/Arnis ?

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What Is Combat Conditioning ?

What is Combat Conditioning ?

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What Is Weapons Class (Kobudo) ?

What is Weapons class (Kobudo) ?

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What Is Archery ?

What is Archery ?

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What Is Aikido ?

What is Aikido ?

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What Is Taekwon-Do ?

What is Taekwon-Do ?

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What To Expect

What to expect

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  • Cross training in multiple arts (10) to “expert” levels.
  • “Private school” format limits enrollment, elevating the standard of teaching through one on one attention. Emphasis on “Moral Character Development” foremost to combat skills. Producing happy, motivated, respectful citizens in the community. “NO EGOS”
  • You never pay promotion fees. Members EARN their belt rank, not PURCHASE them. Also be warned, there are occasional DEMOTIONS for bad attitudes or grades, etc.
  • 15 Certified Instructors and 5 Associate Masters skilled in history, law, fitness, safety and philosophy. (not to be confused with being a product of a “Belt factory”)
  • The most extensive “Black Belt” instructor program being currently recognized by 5 Masters from different styles.
  • Open Communication between parents, school teachers, and Martial Arts University® Instructors to ensure your child’s needs are met.
  • A scholarship program to insure that wealth never interferes with someone’s desire to learn our art.
  • A full time facility. 3 separate training areas including a padded Kickboxing / Grappling arena.
  • A unique system of Martial Arts that requires only a short amount of time to become “street worthy” in almost any situation!
  • Martial Arts University® founder and Grand Master Jeff Santella is a 32 year martial arts veteran and recognized worldwide as a pioneer in “cross training theory” and a Martial Art scientist eager to share with all who seek the Martial Arts University® way.
  • 3 time World Hall of Fame Member (Soke’ship, Christian, Black Belt)
  • Current P.K.A. (Professional Kickboxing Association) State Middleweight Champion
  • 35 year police officer and academy instructor
  • Soke’ Jeff has earned 6 Black Belt recognition certificates in multiple arts.