We do recognize that you have a choice in martial arts schools. Do not let convenience or hearsay be the deciding factor on school choice. There are Dojos on every corner, do not confuse a quality school with a “BELT FACTORY”. Look out for the schools who sell you belts on a predetermined time frame! Some schools depend on testing fees to stay open. We at Martial Arts University® rely on our quality programs.

“The right school makes all the difference”

You must be willing to accept martial arts not only in your classes, but in your every day life. A large part of the Martial Arts is fitness: mental and physical. You will develop and maintain a high level of physical fitness as previously defined, and mental discipline will be acquired through concentration and focus drills. An adult student will be able to reduce stress . Children and young adults will learn Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Respect, and many other attributes to become happy productive citizens.

As an Martial Arts University® student you will learn numerous combat concepts and an infinite number of techniques. You will be a complete, well rounded Martial Artist. From preschool to senior citizen, you will become more respectful and confident through Martial Arts, as well as learning life lessons (manners, hygiene, diet, fitness, safety). All students will be encouraged to compete in tournaments to develop good sportsmanship and self-esteem. lf you choose to compete your choices are many: Boxing, Kickboxing, Sport Karate, Ju-Jitsu, U.F.C., Firearms, etc. Our younger student grades must be maintained to continue as a member at Martial Arts University, and all members are subject to dismissal from the Martial Arts University® at any time.

In a short time all members of the institute will learn how to control stress, stay in shape, and deal with any martial arts university situation, perhaps by avoidance, negotiation or contact. With a lot of dedication and hard work our students will be skilled in long range combat (weaponry), mid-range (boxing, kicking), close range (grappling and joint locks) day or night, one attacker or several!